Frequently asked questions

Where can i buy your prints or paintings ?

If you like my work and you are interested in purchasing any of the work, please contact me by e-mail. Buying work direct from artist can save you a lot of $$$, ask me how!

Do you do limited edition prints?

Yes i do. An edition can be anything from three to 50 or more. The fewer prints in the edition, the higher their worth. It's always difficult to compare two different images, but for a sense of how editioning affects print prices, let say 11x11" print in an edition of 50 is priced at $250, while this 40x40" print in an edition of 6 is priced from $1,000 to $2,500.

How much shipment cost ?

The shipment cost depending on your destination ( dont forget i'm based in Australia ) so before we finalise the sale i can find out the cost for your shipment and let you know.

Are you interested in collaboration ?

I'm interested in collaboration, please contact me by email if you think your work and my work might create something even more beautiful. Looking forward to hear from you.