Photographs on metal, Tintype process.

Signed on the front.

We Wear The Mask is created from 15 Tintype plates. The full size of the image is 33cm x 55cm.

The artwork comes in the box with 15 tintype plates that you can easily attached to the wall by peeling off a protective sheet from the back side of the plate to stick it to any surface ( ones you piled the sheet at the back that side of the plate is coated with very strong glue emulsion ) or taking it to the framing shop and have a nice frame put around, its up to you. 

To cut the cost of shiping i decided to offer this artwork without a frame , all plates are numbered at the back so it's very easy to put it together


Tintype plates are signed by metal stamp engraved into plate, sometimes i would scan my plates before i do engraving so you might not see it in digital file but physical plate is always engraved.  Tintype is unique process because the plate that you see on the wall in a gallery it is the same plate that was in the camera, there is no negative, there is only one image its almost like a painting.


If you have any questions about this artwork or any other piece, contact me and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for taking an interest in my work it means a lot to me.

We Wear The Mask

  • 33cm x 55cm