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Embarking on an artistic odyssey, Zelko's journey is intricately woven with the transformative tapestry of personal experiences. Originating from the heart of former Yugoslavia, the indelible echoes of the Bosnian war in the early '90s distinctly contour Zelko's artistic identity. His creations, adorned with somber and introspective themes, become a poignant language, delicately conveying the profound interplay of vulnerability and control a testament to the defining events that have sculpted his existence.

Recognised as a consummate artist, Zelko meticulously refines his craft through tireless self-teaching and daring experimentation. His paintings and photographs emerge as eloquent vessels, each narrating personal memories and inner perspectives infused with a profound emotional depth that resonates intimately with viewers.

Within the realm of photography, Zelko masterfully employs the 19th-century wet plate collodion process, endowing his pieces with a timeless allure that speaks to the enduring essence of the human condition.


In the artist's expression through paintings, Zelko ardently captures the delicate dance between inner energy and outward expression. Each piece encapsulates a singular moment, harmonising with the radiant energy flowing throughout the creative process.

The artistic journey, a profound act of liberation, unfolds as Zelko releases his core essence onto the canvas. Layer by layer, sgraffito by sgraffito, he metamorphoses into a conduit, channeling inner energy into tangible mediums, thereby transforming the canvas into a vessel of profound expression.

As Zelko's artistic odyssey unfolds, his dedication remains unwavering in exploring the profound connection between self-discovery and artistic expression.

Now based in Australia, Zelko continues to push the boundaries of his art and exhibit his work to a global audience.

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