The Question Of Subversiveness

Artists have always played a major role in recording and responding to our place in nature. Creative thinking and expression help us communicate and understand the rich relationships that exist between all things. Can art be a problem solver?


We believe it has a part to play in alerting the human imagination, in concert with an emotional response to images, to debate and therefore to give further voice to what we can all do to protect the natural world from further unnecessary destruction.

It is a view of our own vivisection and our refusal to learn that harmony and unity is the way to understand our ontology and its place in nature itself. It’s what humans do, we are always prepared to make sense of the world via inappropriate systems.

This may be all too easily observed in our financial behaviour, where individuals, corporations and governments are forever borrowing from the future in order to improve the present. In this series i focused on our broken dreams as it contrasts with a modern city drenched in pollutions, the mirrors in a desert  reflects back to us those dreams in peaceful harmony giving us a hope for the world in a state of crisis.

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