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The  Bedroom  Conception

The bedroom is a private space that symbolizes both openness and safety, much like the sanctuary of the womb. Entering someone's bedroom can signify our attraction to them and signify that we no longer fear them. Being in this private space makes abstract concepts and enigmas tangible, fragile, and human.


Our feelings of attraction, fear, and mystery towards the unknown decrease when we are allowed into someone's personal space. In its natural state, a bedroom reveals everything about a person's private world and hidden personality.


In 2009, I decided to photograph my subjects without giving them any instructions before or during the photo session. My goal was to explore the unknown without preconceptions. I wanted to allow room for surprise and for the idea to develop on its own. I chose to wear a blindfold and remove myself from the traditional role of the photographer to eliminate the feeling of alienation. I wanted to suspend my subjects' identities and to give them the feeling that they were not being photographed.


By closing my eyes and giving control of my senses to my mind, I became a seeker of personal truth, but also confused by what that truth might be and how to find it. By wearing a mask, I allowed my subjects more freedom to move and participate in the image-making process. This work can also be seen as a study of the subjects and their relationship with themselves and the stranger in their bedroom.


The spectator is invited to project themselves intellectually into these intimate spaces and confront voyeuristic questions, leaving them with a sense of disorientation and mystery.

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