No One Is Innocent

Does the technology limit in any ways the way we think, the way we love, the way we see the body, effectively transforming and re-configuring our social relationships? Is the technological medium a simple conduit, or is it a managed apparatus, in which actions and options are shaped for us? While the advent of the internet has enhanced information dispersal and communication worldwide, it has also had a negative impact on the sexual and social wellness of many of its adolescent users. Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate, behave and interact. With this virtual landscape we connect with others at an unprecedented magnitude, speed and level of intimacy. There can be little doubt that narcissism as we have defined it is on the increase and has been for some decades. The camera phone means you are never without a device to record the fabulousness of your life in a stream of full frontals.


Despite the technology and all of advantages and disadvantages that it gave us, my choice of medium for this series was a 19th Century photographic process with an intention to step into the presence of a contradiction between control and risk. This was a move that steps back from what we used in these days of instant satisfaction and the imperative to control everything. By choosing this process as a medium I intensify the image not only aesthetically but also ethically, because I take the risk of ruining it.


This series disrupts old discourses by creating worlds of intense theatrical erotica and isolated intimacy within compositions we already know. 

The dots we see on the subjects makes reference to technological mediums and social norms obscured by absurdity. The phrase dot-com is used to refer generically to almost anything today.


Every image has been named to represent our ordinary daily struggles that a human beings always had and probably always will have, despite the influence of technology in our life. With this body of work I'm inviting the viewer to nourish himself in alterity. The imagery is focused on gestures and compositions of figures which seem not to be engaged with the viewer. The subjects do communicate moods and human uncertainties, which can be detected by their body language. What the internet gives, the internet also takes away. What it seems to be removing from a whole generation of our youth is a healthy, appropriate sexual development.   

The Proposal
And She Holds On To A Memory
Invitation Of Distinction
The Way You See
Inner Scream
When Silence Falls
Where Is My Mind
Girl With Bubblehead #1