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Photograph on metal, Tintype process.

Signed on the front.

This artwork comes with an external frame.

The Question Of Subversiveness #2 is created by 19th century photographic process Wet Plate Collodion, Tintype. Tintype is a photograph made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal in this case aluminium.


Tintype plates are signed by metal stamp engraved into plate, sometimes i would scan my plates before i do engraving so you might not see it in digital file but physical plate is always engraved.

For me tintype is unique because the plate that you see on the wall in a gallery it is the same plate that was in the camera, there is no negative, there is only one image its almost like a painting.


This work is part of series The Question Of Subversiveness.


The Question Of Subversiveness #2 - Wet Plate Collodion

  • The Question Of Subversiveness #2 comes framed, the size of the plate is 11cm x 11cm  the size of the frame is 25cm x 25cm.

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